NZMAI signs a MoU with TINZ (Transparency International NZ)

We are very happy to sign the first Memorandum of Understanding with Transparency International New Zealand. TINZ mission is “A world with trusted integrity systems in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.”

At the TINZ AGM, the New Zealand Martial Arts Institute and TINZ have signed a MoU that recognises our commitment to ethical behaviour in sport. The NZMAI is established to build the credibility of Martial Arts within New Zealand. TINZ and NZMAI have common interests in promoting ethics in sport and advocating for effective integrity systems to maintain trust and confidence in New Zealand. Both organisations have zero tolerance to violations of integrity and care about good governance, robust codes of conduct and effective systems for the prevention of corruption.

From left to right:

Suzanne Snively, Chair TINZ
Kyoshi Angelina Carden, President NZMAI (NZ Martial Arts Institute)
Kyoshi Aaron Carden, NZMAI
Lyn Provost, Patron, TINZ
Luke Qin, TINZ Member with Delegated Authority, Affiliations
Henry Lynch, TINZ Board Director


Special AGM to be held in early 2019.

It was discussed at the 2018 AGM that a special meeting and elections will be held in early 2019. The date and the venue are however yet to be confirmed and will be advised to the members.

Kyoshi Angelina Carden steps up for the leadership role

Kyoshi Angelina has been elected to act as the President of the New Zealand Martial Arts Institute.


Shihan Simon Gaunt has had to step down from his role as President

Unfortunately Shihan Simon Gaunt has had to step down from his role as President for our organization due to his personal reasons. Kyoshi Angelina Carden has now took over as the acting president until our next Annual General Meeting.

We thank Shihan Simon Gaunt for his service to the organisation during this tenure. We wish you all the best.

We also look forward to receiving an exciting plan for the New Year from Kyoshi Angelina.