Membership Fees

Membership of NZMAI is $50/year

You will be acknowledged as being ethical and competent through your listing as an audited member.

The legitimacy of your qualifications will be widely recognised.

There are marketing benefits in this type of recognition.

We can provide you with a link from this web site to refer potential members to you.

You will be part of a wide group of martial artists working for a common cause.


If the applicant is the head instructor of a club this fee covers the club he/she teaches or manages

Once the Head Instructor’s grades are audited and ratified by the NZMAI, that instructor may submit a list of black-belts at that club who have been personally graded by him/her and those black-belts will automatically be approved and recognised as legitimate

The fee does not cover an entire organisation (multiple clubs). It covers the senior instructor at a single club and black belts operating directly under his/her control.

Each club within an organisation must register seperately and each clubs registration covers black belt members of that club.

Any black-belt graded by an audited member of higher rank in the same discipline will be deemed to have a valid grade provided the registered head instructor approves and submits that persons name.

All legitimately graded martial artists approved by the NZMAI will be listed on this website.

The membership form together with the $50 fee should be submitted to the Regional Director for their area who will arrange a meeting and interview. Please note that the screening process is necessarily thorough to ensure that all NZMAI members legitimately hold the credentials claimed.

Membership Fees should be paid to the following Bank Account with clear source details:

NZMAI Account
ASB Bank
St Lukes Branch
Acct No: 12-3016-0681393-00