The NZ Martial Arts Institute is established to build the credibility of Martial Arts within New Zealand.
As an instructor you need to present yourself and your organisation to students, prospective students and the public as:

✔ Honest

✔ Credible

✔ Law-Abiding

✔ Safe

Working for the betterment of martial arts in New Zealand The NZMAI will help you to do this.

You can be assured of confidence in organisations and instructors belonging to the NZMAI!

Here is an actual example of a fraudulant rank request

The benefits

You will be acknowledged as being ethical and competent through your listing as an audited member.

The legitimacy of your qualifications will be widely recognised.

There are marketing benefits in this type of recognition.

We can provide you with a link from this web site to refer potential members to you.

You will be part of a wide group of martial artists working for a common cause.

For those, unable to get appropriate rank recognition the NZMAI has, as part of its purpose, a plan to establish pathways where your efforts and years of training can be assessed and recognised by an independent body.



One of the worlds most highly recognised and respected martial arts organisations, Kokusai Budoin

International Martial Arts Federation Based in Japan offers support and commends this initiative to promote legitimacy in New Zealand Martial Arts. Their comment follows:

“Your work in NZ to establish a body of recognized martial artists to maintain standards is commendable.
As I have been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors, I should like to offer Kokusai Budoin, IMAF services to aid your efforts in any way that we can”

John B Gage, International Secretary, IMAF, Tokyo